Return From Xenda
A Galactic Odyssey

Charlie Dorridge

"Adam Hunt. Please stand. You have been found guilty of subversive behaviour, of spreading false news and promoting insurrection. You have corrupted the minds of the youth and have shown disrespect to the tenets on which our society is based. A healthy society is based on the good of all. Your continual dismissal of this precept displays unacceptable intolerance.

We cannot tolerate criticism of the state, the media, the corporations and especially, we cannot tolerate criticism of the noble banking establishment that so selflessly assists in all areas of government; both locally and nationally.

On a personal note, which I would like added to the record, I find you the most hypocritical person that has ever stood before me for sentencing…

You will be taken from this place and held in secure confinement. You will be placed in an exile ship. A random selector will choose an m-class planet for your destination and may the powers that be, have mercy upon your transient soul…"

'The Fellowship Of The Ring take on Orwell's Big Brother' - Leading American conceptual physicist and antigravity pioneer Professor Daniel Collins

'Dorridge's disdain for contemporary society borders on Nazism' - The Guardian

'Mr Charles Dorridge has written the science fiction equivalent of the Communist Manifesto' - The Daily Telegraph

'While we applaud the fact that Charlie Dorridge has seen fit to put wimmin in leadership roles, we regret that he has fallen into the chauvenistic trap of describing his leading female characters as "attractive' - The Modern Feminist

'Great action scenes, but too much philosophy for our taste' - The Sun

'Seriously lacking in humour' - The Financial Times

'Charlie blasts through the  fourth wall of science fiction with a vengeance'  - Historian and political philosopher Georgina Hunt

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